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REPO Electronic Trading Platform


The tpREPO platform is available to our clients either via our own Tullett Prebon user interface or via ION’s Marketview platform.

tpREPO (North America) was the first product to be launched by Tullett Prebon’s E-Broking platform. Our customer base consists of only FICC netting members. Traders can execute anonymously in all FICC-eligible US Treasury and Agency securities, as well as GCF repo agreements. The platform is designed to manage the fast-paced, high-volume demands of the Repo market while providing the efficiency of Straight Through Processing of trades.

tpREPO (Europe) is an adaptation of Tullett Prebon’s successful system operating in the United States. The European system now hosts Euro Repo for Germany, France, The Netherlands and Belgium, as well as Gilt Repo. The platform also offers anonymous trading via a CCP (bilateral trading when the CCP is closed), and a Straight Through Processing solution.

For more information about tpREPO, frequently asked questions, market cut-off times and further contact details please download our Customer Information Pack below.


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