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Spot E-FX Trading Platform


tpSPOTDEAL is Tullett Prebon’s electronic trading venue for spot FX, offering competitive spreads in over 40 currency pairs. tpSPOTDEAL aggregates liquidity from multiple banks and non-banks to deliver anonymous, zero brokerage execution to GUI and API traders.

tpSPOTDEAL delivers:

Zero Brokerage Charge
Execution on tpSPOTDEAL does not incur any brokerage fees, regardless of the size, volume and frequency of trades.

Operational Efficiency
Each trade will be settled against one central clearing party. Orders will typically be filled with one ticket, reducing the amount of tickets per trade and significantly reducing back office and settlement costs for the user.

Anonymous Trading
Liquidity providers and traders will have no pre- or post-trade visibility on the identity of their trading counterparty.

Consistent Two-Way Pricing
tpSPOTDEAL is not a central limit order book as the liquidity providers always make a two-way price. tpSPOTDEAL users will therefore have access to the same market depth on both sides, even when the market is moving in one direction.

Straight Forward Set Up and Ease of Use
Access to the platform is an easy process offering a GUI,API and HTML5 web based solutions; please contact a member of the tpSPOTDEAL team for further information. Once enabled to trade, the platform is simple and intuitive to use.


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