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Tullett Prebon Europe OTF Market Notice 2018.017 TPEOTF Updates to the Fee Structures and Incentives

18/09/2018 11:19:00

Tullett Prebon Europe OTF – Updates have been made to the Tullett Prebon Europe OTF Fee Structure and Incentives

• The methodology for the volume discount structures on the segment TEIR has been changed, effective 1 September 2018.

o The discount structures included in the Inflation and IRO rate cards were previously applied at legal entity level. The discount structures will now apply to all trades executed by the same trader (or same trading team), and for all Legal Entity Identifiers the trader is acting on behalf of, as long as they are part of the overall client group the trader is representing. All trades executed by the same individual trader (or same group of individual traders) will accrue towards a combined volume, for which if the relevant discount tier threshold is met, a discount will be applied.

o Participants are required to provide evidence of their trading structure model to the venue, in order for a combined volume discount structure to be applied.

• The following change, effective 15 September 2018, has been made to the GEMM GILT rate card (TEGI, 1.6): Index-linked Gilts were previously 20 GBP per million for trades below 5Y, those trades are now priced 10 GBP per million nominal. Please see the venue website for full details.

Please visit the Tullett Prebon Europe OTF venue page for more information.

Capitalised terms used in this Market Notice shall have the meaning ascribed to them in the Tullett Prebon Europe OTF Rulebook..

Please direct any questions regarding this Market Notice to:

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