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Tullett Prebon (Europe) MTF


The Tullett Prebon (Europe) MTF is a trading venue operated by Tullett Prebon (Europe) Limited and permitted to trade Credit Derivatives, FX Derivatives, Government Bonds, Corporate Bonds, Interest Rate Derivatives and money Market Derivatives.

Operator Information

Tullett Prebon (Europe) Limited - LEI: 549300MU2MYJLOY6IJ51

Enquiries should be directed to:
Tullett Prebon (Europe) Limited 155 Bishopsgate, London EC2M 3TQ United Kingdom


The Tullett Prebon (Europe) MTF offer the following products:

Entity: Tullett Prebon (Europe) Limited
Venue Name: Tullett Prebon (Europe) MTF
Venue type: MTF
Operating MIC: TPEL

Segment MIC Description Asset Class Products
TEMF Tullett Prebon Europe MTF - Corporate Bonds & Securitised Debt Corporate Bonds & Securitised Debt Corporate Bonds
Covered Bonds

Government Bonds (when traded as part of a Package Transaction)
Public Bonds (as defined in MiFID II RTS 2, Annex III Table 2.2)
Other Bonds including SSAs, ABS and FRNs (as defined in MiFID II RTS 2, Annex III Table 2.2)
TEMB Tullett Prebon Europe MTF - Government Bonds (ex Gilts) Government Bonds Government Bonds (Nominal bonds)
Government Bonds (Inflation bonds)
TIRD Tullett Prebon Europe MTF - Intertest Rate Derivatives
Interest Rate Derivatives Interest Rate Swap
Fixed/Floating, Floating/Floating, Zero-Coupon
Basis Swap
Single Ccy Basis, CCP Basis*
Inflation Swap*
Cross Currency Swap
Fixed/Floating, Floating/Floating
Interest Rate Option (caps, floors)
Midcurves, Physically Settled, Cash Settled
Inflation Option*
Bond option*
Constant Maturity Swap (CMS)*
Constant Maturity Swap Option*
Government bonds (when traded as part of a Package Transaction)

*On certain currencies only. Contact the Operator or consult the current Market Notices for information on specific currencies
TEFD Tullett Prebon Europe MTF - FX Derivatives FX Derivatives FX Forwards
FX Swaps
FX Non Deliverable Forwards (NDFs)
FX Options
TEMI Tullett Prebon Europe MTF - Money Markets Money Market Instruments UK Treasury Bill
Primary Certificates of Deposit
Secondary Certificates of Deposit
Commercial Paper
Traded Paper
TEMR Tullett Prebon Europe MTF - Repos Money Market Instruments Repo
Reverse Repo
Corporate Bond
Covered Bonds
Government Bonds (when traded as part of a Package)
Insurance Linked Derivatives
Other Bonds including SSAs, ABS and FRNs (as defined in MiFID II RTS 2, Annex III Table 2.2)

Rule Book, Policies and Rate Card

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Tullett Prebon (Europe) MTF Rule book Download
Conflict of Interest Download
Best Execution Download
Algorithm Policy – MiFID II Algorithmic Testing Certification Download
Rate Card Download

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Venue Operating Hours

Time Zone: UK Time

Trading Venue Venue Opening Venue Closing Administrative Close
TPS OTF 06:00 17:30 18:00
* Open / closing time in winter is 1 hour earlier for certain desks

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MTF Tullett Prebon (Europe)

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