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12 Oct 10
Tullett Prebon builds out Emerging Market Management Team in North America

NEW YORK 12 October 2010: Tullett Prebon, one of the world’s largest inter-dealer brokers, today announced the expansion of its Emerging Market Management Team in North America with several key emerging market hires and promotions.
Sean Gormley, who has joined Tullett Prebon from ICAP and brings a broad spectrum of market xperience to the firm, will be responsible for managing Mexican Interest Options, Mexican ross Currency Basis Swaps and Mexican UDI. Gormley started his career at GFI where he eld a number of increasingly important management positions over a 17-year period.
While at GFI, Gormley, who left the firm as a Senior Vice President to join Mako Global Derivatives to handle buy-side Derivative Sales, was responsible for launching GFI’s FX Options, Equity Options and Emerging Markets business lines. He also worked in various areas of Volatility. At ICAP, Gormley was responsible for Latin American IROs.
The firm also welcomed Warren Burger, formerly Manager of Emerging Markets FX and Rates at BGC, to its Mexican TIIE Desk as a Senior Broker. Dennis Ramos has been promoted to Vice President and Desk Manager of Forward Mexican Peso and Mexican TIIE Swaps. Other key hires, promotions and changes to the Emerging Markets Team, include:

•     Ernesto Ojeda, Broker, Forward Mexico
     Mauricio Buenaventura, Broker, Non Brazil NDFs
•     Christian Arellano, Broker, Non Brazil NDFs
•     Jennifer Simons, Jr. Broker, Emerging Market FX Options
•     Erik Jarry, Jr. Broker, Emerging Market FX Options
•     Gilberto Kamikawa, Consult from TPX Brasil Services de INE LTD
In commenting on the announcement, Richard Higgs, Managing Director, Emerging Markets said: “We are pleased to build our Emerging Market Management Team in North America with such a strong line-up of experienced Latin American market experts. With this team, Tullett Prebon will not only be able to expand its footprint into emerging markets, but offer a variety of very competitive products and services to both its North American and Latin American clients.”

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