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LNG Swaps - LNG Spot Market

Tullett Prebon LNG has led the development of the financial market for LNG, to create consistent, transparent pricing and the ability to optimise positions and manage risk effectively. We are the only broker with proven capability in both the physical and paper markets today.

LNG Swaps - gain confidence in the future

Demand in Asia for regional pricing has driven the establishment of spot price indexes and a subsequent LNG swaps market. Swap trades assure a fixed forward price for cargoes and allow participants to plan ahead.

Working in conjunction with Citibank Global Markets Limited bank, we've driven the development of the LNG swaps market. Helping customers understand how to use the emerging regional indexes in physical deals and financially manage any exposure to Far East LNG spot prices. We facilitate both bilateral and cleared deals, predominantly but not exclusively using Platt's Japan Korea Marker (JKM). Our clients gain confidence in the future and can manage their price risk by hedging against market volatility and consolidating forward positions today.

Transparent pricing

We create visibility and confidence in alternative indexes, giving us a unique ability to structure physical deals on dynamic new price arrangements. Attracting new participants to the market, we deepen the pool of liquidity and dramatically increase the potential of our clients finding the best level to close deals.

Harness your potential

Our online screen allows you to identify and execute swaps trades in an instant. We provide up-to-the-minute, accurate pricing, connecting you with worldwide opportunity to secure the value of your cargo and manage positions. It is the only LNG screen on the same platform as Gas, Power, Coal and Emissions trades markets, and it provides previously unattainable transparency and access to the LNG market.

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