Tullett Prebon Voted Top Broker In Electricity Products In The 2014 Risk & Energy Risk Commodity Rankings

LNG Spot Cargo - LNG Trading

At the core of Tullett Prebon LNG we broker LNG cargoes - arranging flexible, reliable and rapid access to liquidity and gas. The original LNG broker in both the physical and paper markets, we transact more cargoes than ever before into Europe, Asia and the Americas.

From the very large, to the very small - our global reach and expertise open the worldwide market to clients of every level - driving efficiency, transparency, liquidity and growth.

Tullett Prebon LNG covers the following areas:

Spot the difference

Tullett Prebon LNG is the world's leading broker in the LNG spot market. We work with clients of all sizes - from oil majors and utilities, to banks and trading houses - providing rapid and assured supply of gas and liquidity.

Our global network and market-leading LNG Intelligence provides unparalleled insight into the marketplace and allows us to identify opportunities to trade that benefit buyer and seller. We structure flexible contracts that provide access to the market, exactly when you need it.

No other broker has led the development of the spot market or arranged as many LNG cargoes as Tullett Prebon . As the LNG market continues to develop, our insight and expertise are increasingly important.

Flexibility to change

We facilitate medium term deals and see increasing demand for string-cargoes as confidence in our brokerage services grow and the LNG market matures.

Our capability in the financial and single-cargo spot markets gives us unique insight to arrange solutions beyond the short term. We structure flexible trades that give our clients a better deal and allow them to optimise positions as the competitive landscape changes.

Breaking down barriers

Our service extends beyond the market - across the entire LNG stream

  • Entry strategy
    We guide new entrants in their first steps in to the marketplace. As the LNG market grows, competition for access to gas and liquidity is increasing. Speaking to the right counterparties and managing company reputation at this early stage is crucial. Through our network, we make sure that newcomers get it right, first time - whatever their size.
  • Regas capacity
    Supply is only one part of the chain and increasingly counterparties want to move vertically. Producers and traders must decide, do they sell their LNG Delivered Ex-Ship or do they purchase regasification capacity outright or as options? We help traders understand the market conditions, differences in strategies and all the avenues available to them.
  • Regasified LNG
    Our service continues along the LNG stream to ensure that our clients get the best possible return on their cargoes.

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