Tullett Prebon Voted Top Broker In Electricity Products In The 2014 Risk & Energy Risk Commodity Rankings

LNG Market

Tullett Prebon LNG is the world's leading liquefied natural gas broker and source of market intelligence. We facilitate and develop the global transaction of LNG by improving market transparency, structuring flexible trades and providing on-going access to global prices and liquidity. We pioneer the progress of the physical and financial markets, and today remain the only broker with proven capability across the entire LNG stream.

At the core of our business we identify, structure and execute the global trade of LNG cargoes. We add value by creating flexible and innovative solutions that provide our clients with ready access to volume and markets.

As the first broker to develop, shape and close LNG swaps deals, our experience is unmatched. And our trading platform, tpENERGY, is the first of its kind to be widely adopted by the LNG swaps market. Developing liquidity and transparency, we combine electronic and traditional voice broking to enable clients to instantly execute trades and manage positions.

We independently develop and collaborate with Lloyds List to create comprehensive, up-to-date intelligence on the global movement of LNG. Our market-leading data lays the foundation of our expertise and sets us apart from the competition.

Our coverage of LNG is unique among brokers. And as the first recognised LNG broker, our experience in the marketplace is too. We’ve always led progress and innovation in the LNG market - learn more about our achievements here.

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