Tullett Prebon Voted Top Broker In Electricity Products In The 2014 Risk & Energy Risk Commodity Rankings
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Energy & Commodities Markets

The Tullett Prebon Energy & Commodities division provides power marketers, utilities, producers, risk managers and institutions with a single comprehensive source for price information and liquidity. The brokerage teams furnish insight and expertise to virtually every sector of the market, providing customers with information, anonymity and access to liquidity.

The Energy & Commodities division is unique in its professionalism – its commitment to developing the energy markets, its efforts to enhance liquidity, its contribution to risk management and its unceasing innovation.

Tullett Prebon acts solely as an intermediary, matching buyer and seller. It has no proprietary interest in any trade it helps to arrange, so the focus is exclusively on the quality of information, price discovery and trading liquidity it brings to each client.

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