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Post trade Risk Management Platform


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The tpMATCH SEF Run Schedule is as follows:

  • AUD: Every week on a Monday
  • CAD: Every 2 weeks on a Tuesday night (NYK time)
  • CHF: Quarterly
  • EUR: Every week on a Wednesday night
  • HKD: Every 2 weeks on a Wednesday
  • GBP: Every week on a Wednesday night
  • JPY: Every week on a Monday
  • KRW: Monthly on a Tuesday
  • MYR: every 2 weeks on a Wednesday
  • NZD: Every week on a Tuesday
  • SEK: Quarterly
  • SGD: Every 2 weeks on a Wednesday
  • USD: Every week on a Thursday morning (Wednesday evening in US)
  • ZAR: twice quarterly

The Order Cutoff Time for all tpMATCH Runs is 11:30 PM New York time. The Closing Cutoff Time will be the same as the Order Cutoff Time unless otherwise notified.

Any changes to the above schedule will be communicated on this website. The run curves are available to upon request. For further enquiries, please contact


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